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Use discount code: AKL-A350 for 50% saving on Flexi and Subscription general laundry services, and Laundry Online® bags that are purchased with a general laundry service. Limited time only.

Use coupon code AKL-A350

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REQUIRED: Laundry Online® bag + Flexi or Subscription booking

To use Laundry Online® services, you need the following:

1. A Laundry Online® bag.
2. A Flexi or Subscription booking.
3. General laundry.

General laundry is your typical personal household laundry, like your ‘everyday’ clothes, nightwear, dressing gowns, underwear, socks, bedsheets, thin mattress protectors, pillow cases, duvet covers, towels, and tea-towels. I.e. Your normal, easy to clean, weekly household laundry.

1. Purchase correct sized Laundry Online® bag* that matches the service size Medium 80 L | 100 L) you’ll need for your laundry I.e. Medium (80 L) or Large (100 L).
2. Laundry must fit securely inside your Laundry Online® bag(s), for it to be picked up.
3. Use ‘Add-ons’ to add additional products and services to your General Laundry service.

See FAQ’s for more info, including what kind of bag to use ahead of your first order, and what if you want to swap between bag sizes.


Add-ons are additional services and products that you can add to your Flexi or Subscription services.

Add-ons include harder to clean, one off type items, like blankets, duvet  inners, comforters, and more.

Services and products not listed here (or included as part of the Flexi or Subscription services) are not included as part of our services, and will therefore not be picked up.

Add-ons cannot be purchased
without an upcoming Flexi or Subscription booking. Any purchased Add-ons will be picked up (or applied) with your next Flexi or Subscription service scheduled pick up.

Add-on items must be securely packaged for pick up. This may be the original sealable plastic packaging (that they were purchased in), or plastic garden waste bags, or similar, that are large enough to fully contain the item(s), and are waterproof. We do not pick up things like laundry baskets.

See FAQ’s for more info.

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