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Click on the items you want cleaned. Use ‘Laundry Products’ to change your laundry detergent (optional).

General Laundry

Includes: Clothes, bed linen, towels etc.

Important info

This service is for things like your day-to-day clothes, bed sheets, duvet covers, towels, tea towels, table cloths, and bathroom mats, etc. In addition, you can include ‘Bedding and Other Laundry‘ items marked with an asterisk (*), as part of this service. No weighing or counting of anything is required. Just fill up the bag(s).

  1. REQUIRED: Multi-purpose Laundry Online® bag(s). Re-usable, and hardwearing. Holds approx 11 Kg of general laundry.
  2. IMPORTANT: All ‘General Laundry’ and ‘Bedding and Other Laundry’ items (*) must fit securely inside the bag(s).
  3. IMPORTANT: Any ‘Bedding and Other Laundry’ items that don’t fit inside your Multi-purpose Laundry Online® bag(s) must be purchased as part of the ‘Bedding and Other Laundry’ service.

Bedding and Other Laundry

Includes: Blankets, comforters, duvets etc.

Important info

This service is only for hard to clean, large, bulky, or heavy laundry items shown below. This service is not for ‘General Laundry’ – unless it’s part of the item being cleaned. E.g. 1 x Duvet inner with 1 x accompanying duvet cover. If you have general laundry, use the ‘General Laundry’ service.

Packaging: Use your own plastic packaging for the transportion of ‘Bedding and Other Laundry’ items. Items must be securely sealed in their packaging. If you get stuck for packaging, don’t worry, because we have spare bags we can use when picking up the items. We do not pick up things like laundry baskets.