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Weekly Service (100L | Large)

Any selections below are recurring.
1. Select preferred payment frequency.
2. Customize service if required.
3. Choose pick up date. Bookings need to be placed by 4.59pm the day before pick up. Pick-ups and returns occur between 7 am and 9.45 am.
4. Use the Book Now button to Continue Shopping for Add-ons etc, and to proceed to Checkout.

Pick up repeats weekly. Payment repeats as per selected frequency.

SEE ‘Additional information‘ (below) for important details about this service.

From: $65.00 / week

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Additional information

LAUNDRY TYPE: General laundry.
SERVICE: Pick up | Wash | Dry | Fold | Return➀
RETURN: 2 days (Default).➁
ADD-ONS: This service allows you to include up to 2 x free Basic Add-ons, as long as they form part of the contents of your Laundry Online® bag. I.e. Must fit inside your Laundry Online® bag.
ADDITIONAL ADD-ONS: Can be purchased as required. These will be picked up and returned at the same time as your General laundry. These Add-ons do not repeat.
CUSTOMIZATION: Any custom settings (E.g. Load separation, Detergent selection etc.) selected within this product booking, repeat weekly. To avoid customization selections repeating, leave blank within this product booking. Then use the Custom Settings option on the Shop page, to make one off customization selections. This method means the selection(s) does not repeat.
PAYMENT: Payment takes place at the time you complete the booking set up process. Future payments will then repeat in accordance your selected payment frequency, on Thursday. E.g. If you want payments to come out on a Thursday, create the booking on a Thursday. You can select a different day for the actual pick up, using the booking calendar.
REQUIRED: Laundry Online® bag(s). Laundry Online® bags are reusable and hard-wearing. Size: Large (100L)➂

➀No Pick ups or Deliveries on Weekends, Public Holidays, or Tuesdays.
➁Excludes Weekends and Public Holidays.
➂Estimate only.

See FAQ's for more information.