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Laundry Separation


Step 1. Separate laundry in to preferred groupings (Max of 3).
Step 2. Organize separated laundry in Laundry Online® bag.
Step 3. Select number of Separations required (Max of 3).
Step 4. Use text box to provide to describe separation(s), and instructions (Required).

NOTE: See ‘Description’ section below for more info.

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Not all items of laundry should be washed / dried together. Use Laundry Separation if you want different items within your Laundry Online® bag washed / dried separately. You can specify up to Three (3) separations per Laundry Online® bag.

1. We treat Separations as completely separate loads of laundry. E.g. ‘Two (2) Separations’ means your laundry will be processed as 2 separate loads of washing.
2. All Separated laundry must still fit within your Laundry Online® bag.