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General Laundry – Subscription Service

From: $49.95 / week

A Saturday sleep in. A leisurely walk. A catch up with friends. Relaxing at the beach. Time spent on a favourite hobby or passion. Doing nothing at all.

Don’t spend a minute on laundry, when you can spend hours on the things that really matter to you.

Instead, have your laundry picked up from your home, and receive it back, freshly cleaned, nicely fragranced, and neatly folded, ready to be used again.

You can do anything with free time.

Enjoy more of it by booking your laundry pick up – today.

This is a recurring, weekly, subscription service. See below for details.

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Service: Pick up | Wash, Dry, Fold | Return.➀
Frequency: Weekly recurring, on booked day of the week.
Turnaround time: Two-Days.➁
Payment: When booking, and then automatically recurring every 7 days, until cancelled or suspended.
Required: Laundry Online® bag(s). Laundry Online® bags are reusable and hardwearing.➂
Preferences: Any preferences selected within this product will be recurring. If you have preferences that you don't want to be recurring, use the Add-ons 'Preferences' product (on the Shop page) to make your selections.

➀No Pick ups or Returns on Weekends or Public Holidays.
➁Excludes Weekends and Public Holidays.
➂Estimate only.

See FAQ's for more information.

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Medium (+7 Kg), Large (+11 Kg)