• Easy to use – Just put your regular laundry in to your Laundry Online® re-usable bag.
  • No weight limit. You’re not restricted to any maximum weigh limit, when it comes to filling up your Laundry Online® bag with your regular laundry. It just has to fit in the bag. No need to get out your weighing scales to check the weight. The 11 Kg’s we refer to is just a guide. Any extra Kg’s of laundry you fit in your bag are free. But you do need to be able to securely close the bag, so that laundry can’t fall out during transportation. And of course, everything will be returned to you in the bag, so the more you put in it, the more compressed your laundry will be when it is returned.
  • Your bag is super strong, and washable. We wash it every time it comes to us with your laundry. Meaning your clean laundry always goes back in your clean bag.
  • It uses up minimal space when it’s empty. Meaning you can store it anywhere until you need it, giving you more space in your home.
  • It has handles. Meaning it’s easy to pick up and move, when it’s full and heavy.


  • Easy to customize – With Preferences and Add-ons, you get to customize and add to your main laundry service.
  • Preferences allow you to change your laundry detergent, and more, meaning your laundry comes back to you just the way you like.
  • Add-ons allow you to get laundry items that aren’t included in your regular laundry, cleaned. Like duvet’s, comforters, and mattress toppers. Or to include additional services that you might need from time to time.


  • Easy to budget for – With online, pre-paid products and services.
  •  Fixed pricing means you can ‘shop’ for products and services, like you would with any online shop. The prices are displayed, so that you know exactly what it will cost you. Then it’s just a matter of adding the items you your shopping cart and paying for them. Once you have paid, you can relax, knowing that your laundry will be picked up and taken care of, as booked.
  • Weekly and On Request service options mean you can select the service that best meets your laundry and financial situation. With a Weekly service, the fixed cost of the service will be automatically deducted, and the pick up booked, every week, unless suspended, cancelled, or not renewed at the end of your subscription period. With an On Request service, you just book and pay as and when you require it, depending on available booking slots.
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