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Short version:

Create an account (Method 1) – using ‘Book Now’ or ‘Add To Cart’ button. This method allows you to book your service and set up your account at the same time.
Create an account (Method 2) – using ‘Customer Login’. This method allows you to set up your account, without booking a service. You can then book your service later on.

Book (set up) your service (Weekly or Fortnightly) and pick up day – using ‘Book Now’ or ‘Add To Cart’ button.

Customize your service via ‘Preferences’ (optional).

Add other products to your service using ‘Book Now’ or ‘Continue Shopping’ buttons (optional).

Complete the Checkout process, including address and online payment details.

Receive your Laundry Online bag(s) ahead of your first scheduled laundry pick up.

See FAQ’s for more info or see below.


Full version:

  1. Create an account when booking (setting up) your recurring laundry pick up, via any ‘Book Now’ or ‘Add To Cart’ button. Fill in required fields during Checkout process.
  2. Create an account before booking (setting up) a recurring laundry pick up, via the ‘Customer Login’ tab (Home Page). Fill in required fields.



To set up your laundry pick up:

  1. Click on any ‘Book Now’ button.
  2. Select on a Weekly or Fortnightly service.
  3. Select your recurring pick up day using the booking calendar.
  4. Complete address fields including pick up / drop off address (or second address if you wish your laundry to be dropped off to a different address from the pick up address).
  5. Complete payment details. Payments are recurring each week or fortnight depending on your selected service.

Note: To stop payments (and laundry pick up), you must cancel your subscription.

See pick up / drop off schedule.


Preferences allow you to:

  • Change your detergent, from the (free) default standard commercial detergent, to a different (paid) one;
  • Add softener.

To access Preferences:

  1. Click on the ‘PREFERENCES + CLICK TO EXPAND‘ link within your Weekly Laundry service product (below the calendar).
  2. Select your preferred option(s).

Note: Preference selections (including default options) are recurring, as part of your service.



Add-ons allow you to:

  • Add products that are not included in your Weekly or Fortnightly service, to your service;
  • Add other services to your service.

To access Add-ons:

  1. Click on any ‘Book Now’ button, or if you are already in the Checkout process, any ‘Continue Shopping’ button;
  2. Select the product(s) you require.
  3. Complete the size and quantity (if applicable).
  4. Complete text handling instructions in text box (if applicable).

Add-ons can be purchased at any time. Once purchased, the item(s) will be collected or applied, as part of you next scheduled service.

Note: Add-ons are non-recurring. Add-ons need to be added each time you require them.