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Create account:

  1. To create your account (register) click on the ‘Sign in | Create Account‘ button (at top of page) and complete the required fields.
Image showing account creating / registration screen

Select Weekly or Flexible service plan (required):

  1. Click on any Book Now (formerly Shop Now) button. You’ll be taken to the Shop page, where you’ll see the different services and products you can purchase.
  2. Select a Weekly Plan or Flexible Plan.
  3. Then select a pick up date, any customization needs (optional), and a recurring payment schedule (only applies to Weekly Plan).
Screen image showing main service plans

Purchase Laundry Online® bag (required) and other Add-ons:

  1. You need to have a Laundry Online® bag for putting your general laundry in. Purchase this bag with your first order only. Once you’ve got a bag, keep re-using it for future bookings.
  2. To add a Laundry Online® bag to your shopping cart purchase, click on any Book Now (formerly Shop Now) button, and then on the item itself. It will be added to your shopping cart. Or you can use a ‘Continue Shopping’ button if you are already in the shopping cart / checkout process.
  3. To add other items (like Mattress topper, or Customization) to your pick up order, follow the same steps used for adding a Laundry Online® bag (Step 2).
Screen image showing shop page laundry online bag

Fill up your Laundry Online® for pick up:

  1. Round up your general laundry, and put it in your Laundry Online® bag.
  2. Add-ons (excluding add-ons that are included as part of a Weekly Plan swap option) should be secured in their own bags (doesn’t have to be a Laundry Online® bag.  If you don’t have a bag, we carry spare bags we can use.
  3. Have your Laundry Online® bag and any Add-ons ready for pick up on your scheduled day.
  4. Get your laundry back, freshly cleaned and neatly folded, ready for using again.
Full Laundry Online bag. Background removed. Transparent background.