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FAQ’s | Laundry Online®

What size Laundry Online® bag would I need?

Use the below info as a guide. Estimates only (for general laundry only).

Bag size: Large (100 L).
Persons (per week): 2 – 3.
Weight (Kg): 11 – 15.
Washing machine loads (5 Kg) 2.5 – 3.
Bag dimensions: 65 cm (H) x 45 cm (W) x 35 cm (D).

Bag size: Medium (80 L).
Persons (per week): 1.
Weight (Kg): 7 – 8.
Washing machine loads (5 Kg) 1 – 1.5.
Bag dimensions: 50 cm (H) x 45 cm (W) x 35 cm (D).

Note: There is no actual weight limit for general laundry. But you cannot fill up your bag with so much general laundry that it cannot be securly closed (fastened). To ensure the safe keeping of your laundry, we are unable to transport laundry bags that cannot be securely closed.

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What areas in Auckland does Laundry Online® operate in?

Laundry Online® is currently only available in Auckland. Please click here to see the suburbs we cover.

If your suburb isn’t listed, please feel free to contact us as we may be able to add your suburb to our service area, depending on where it is.

We can also pick-up and return laundry to another address, including your place of work, if it falls within our service area.

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On what days does Laundry Online® operate?

Laundry Online® pick up and return services are currently available Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday between 7.00 am and 9.30 am. Returns occur 2 working days after the pick-up day.

Note: Where we are able to complete your laundry early, we will look to return it sooner. We will contact you prior to any early delivery.

Some suburbs may have restricted ‘available’ days.

Services are not available on the following days.

  • Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays;
  • Public Holidays (actual and observed);
  • Other ‘non-available‘ days on the Booking calendar.

Where your scheduled pick-up or return day falls on a Public Holiday or otherwise ‘non-available’ day, we will notify you in advance, and arrange an alternative day. Click here to see standard pick-up | return schedule.

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Can I use my own laundry bag?

General laundry:

You must use Laundry Online® bags for all general laundry.

Note: However, for your first pick up (prior to receiving your Laundry Online® bag), you can use your own plastic rubbish bag(s) if you like. Use plastic bag volume to help match size of the laundry being picked up, to your service booking size (Medium 80 L | Large 100 L).


You can use your own plastic bag(s) for Add-ons. (E.g. a large rubbish bag), or if your large item (such as a duvet) came in a plastic, zipped bag, you can leave it in that bag for pick up. We do not collect laundry baskets, bins, containers, or similar.

Important: All general laundry, and Add-ons, must be fully secured (sealed) in their bags so that there is no risk of the contents becoming loose. We do not accept laundry that is not adequately secured.

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When do I receive my Laundry Online® bag(s)?

Any Laundry Online® bag(s) you’ve purchased, will be delivered at your next scheduled laundry pick up, unless there is sufficient time for us to get the bag(s) to you prior to any booking.

We will let you know if your bag(s) will be delivered to you ahead of any booking.

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What if the Laundry Online® bag I've chosen, does not match my actual laundry quantity?

When you first start using Laundry Online® Flexi or Subscription services, you may need to guess what size bag you’ll need for the amount of laundry you actually have.

If it turns out that you have either over or under estimated what bag size you need, let us know within 4 weeks of receiving the bag(s) and we will exchange your current bag for the bag you want, for free

If you are using the Flexi service, and your laundry quanities change from week to week, you might want to purchase a Medium (80 L) and Large (100 L) bag. Then you can simply book the service size – Medium (80 L) or Large (100 L), that you need at that time.

If you are on a Subscription plan and you want to change your bag size, you will need to modify your plan to Medium (80 L) or Large (100 L), before of your next scheduled payment. You can do this from your Account Dashboard subcription section.

If you want to change your bag size after 4 weeks of receiving your original bag, you will need to purchase the bag.

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My preferred detergent or softener isn't listed. Can I request it?

For practical purposes, there are limits on the range of products we carry. But if your product is commonly available at one of the main supermarkets, we will consider adding it to our listed options.

If you don’t select a detergent preference, the default detergent will apply.

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What are the measurements for bedding item sizes etc. E.g. Queen | King

Sizes: Single (140 cm x 210 cm) | King Single (180 cm x 210 cm) | Double (180 cm x 210 cm) | Queen (210 cm x 210 cm) | King – NZ (245 cm x 210 cm) | King – AU / Super King (265 cm x 210 cm) | California King (285 cm x 210 cm).

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