About Us

Hi there.

Welcome to Laundry Online®, and thank you for taking the time to have a look around our site. We really appreciate it.

These days we are all busier than ever, with less and less time to do the things we actually want to do.

Laundry Online® is a little, door-to-door laundry service, working hard to help you get more time in your life by taking care of that time consuming job of laundry.

And with more time in your life, you can do anything you like.

While Laundry Online® is a new service, we have been involved in the laundry industry for some years, as a traditional walk-in full service laundromat, namely Plaza Laundromat, in Panmure.

And as a new service, we would love to improve how we help you, and welcome any suggestions, ideas, and feedback you may have.

Anyway, that’s enough from us.

We hope you enjoy the service, and more importantly, we hope you get to enjoy more time for yourself, and for doing the things that are important to you.

-Rahmon and the Laundry Online® team-

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