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About Us

Hi there.

Welcome to Laundry Online®.

It’s no secret that finding free time in our busy lives to do the things we really want to do, can often seem impossible.

Time seems to just disappear – swallowed up in the seemingly never ending , all consuming activities of everyday life – including work, and chores.

The things we look forward to doing, get pushed further and further back, or don’t happen at all.

Now imagine what your life would be like if you always had enough free time to do the things you wanted to do – the things you enjoyed doing?

A Sunday morning sleep in? A walk at the park? A gym workout? Lunch with family or friends at a favourite eatery? Pottering around the garden on a sunny day? Doing nothing at all, other than blobbing out on the couch. Or reading an enthralling book. Or watching a great movie?

How would you spend your free time?

At Laundry Online® we’re all about taking the time consuming hassle of laundry, off you, so that you can have lots more free time to do the things you actually enjoy.

Join an ever increasing number of fellow Kiwis who get their laundry taken care of, while they’re off doing whatever they want to do.

Give Laundry Online® a go by clicking on the button below. You’ve got nothing to loose, and everything to gain.

∼ Rahmon, Sarah, and the Laundry Online® team 😊  ∼

walking path amongst lush green trees at park