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Take laundry off your 'To Do' list.

Laundry Online®. For people who prefer doing other things with their time.

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Get your laundry picked up from home. Available in Auckland.

Enjoy more Free time & Freedom in your life.

Enjoy more free time – for the things you really want to do.

Enjoy more time – for yourself, with one less thing to do.

Enjoy more free time – and freedom, with no laundry hassles to tie you down.


Laundry Online® Simple, Flexible & Convenient.

Simple – just fill up your Laundry Online® bag. No weighing required.

Flexible – with Add-ons, customize things your way.

Convenient – do everything online, from wherever you are.

Book your laundry pick up – in 3 easy steps.

Choose a General Laundry service (Flexi or Subscription), using a Book Now button (Required).

Add to your service with  ‘Add-ons‘ and customize it with ‘Preferences‘ (Optional).

Select your pick up day. And pay online. Then fill up your Laundry Online® bag.

Services and Products.

Stack of folded laundry

General Laundry services

From $49.95 / +7 Kg bag
From $69.95 / +11 Kg bag

Folded clean Comforters on folding table in laundry

Add-ons (Optional)


From $29.95

Folded clean mink blanket on folding table in laundry

Add-ons (Optional)


From $19.95

Laundry detergent being poured from detergent bottle

Add-ons (Optional)


From $2.00

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